Find locally sourced food to meet your supply demand and build relationships with local food producers.

FABX has been connecting Food Buyers with local farmers and producers since 2018.

We know how busy you are and how time-consuming it can be to find the right local growers and producers to meet your supply demands. At times it can be tricky and frustrating to source the right local products. That’s why we created FABx. Through the support of the Columbia Basin Trust, we provide mutually beneficial opportunities for growth, networking, collaboration and the celebration of local food.

Since 2018 we’ve been invested in helping to elevate the local food industry of the Columbia Basin. With so many exhibitors gathered under one roof, it’s a quick and easy way to find the right local products to meet your needs.

Gather, learn, connect, and collaborate with a large group of local food growers and producers in a small window of time.

Meet new Producers

Meet Columbia Basin growers and producers in person

Find New Tastes

Taste some new and fabulous products from a wide range of new producers

Network with your Peers

Network and enjoy an “industry only” social with a local menu