Danny Turner

Delivery Executive for the Basin Business Advisors Team


Danny Turner is a “numbers” guy; bringing 30 years of experience as a financial analyst as well as several lived experiences growing, leading and selling businesses. As the Delivery Executive for the Basin Business Advisors Team, he leads the BBA team while delivering a straightforward and analysis-based coaching experience. Danny was in California during the dot-com boom of the ’90s, in London at the start of the financial crisis of 2008, and worked in several industries across North America and Europe in between. However, his true calling is entrepreneurship.   Danny holds an MBA from the University of Oxford. He was a management consultant at Deloitte between successful runs at starting and selling companies. In 2016 he retired to run his family farm, Just-A-Mere Organic Farm in Creston. He volunteers on several boards and is the past chairperson of Fields Forward, a Creston Valley horticultural society that operates the Provincial Food Hub in Creston. An entrepreneur at heart, Danny enjoys sharing his experiences and employing an always-learning philosophy as he assists all stage companies through his roles with the Columbia Basin Trust-funded Basin Business Advisors and Basin RevUp Programs.

Taking the Next Step: Moving beyond primary production to increase the value of your local food

Primary food producers have an opportunity to increase the value of their local food products by entering the on-farm or small-scale processing sector. The range of possibilities and product opportunities are exciting and can easily stand against similar national brand products. 


However, to be successful these new processors need the support of local retailers and restaurants to list and promote these products to consumers. By formalizing a marketing strategy between the producer and the seller we can increase the penetration of these products into the food baskets in our region.


We can work together as an industry through partnerships and collaboration to leverage the value-added opportunities and infrastructure in the Kootenays and take the next step towards our sustainable local food economy.

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Taking the Next Step: Moving beyond primary production to increase the value of your local food

  • 4 October, 2022
  • 9:15am - 10:00am
  • Main Hall - Columbia Valley Centre