Jodi Kay

Head Chef/Manager/Baker - Terra Firma's Kitchen


Jodi Kay is the Head Chef, Manager and Baker at Terra Firma’s Kitchen in Revelstoke, BC. Terra Firma’s Kitchen is a true farm to table restaurant, sourcing all of their organic produce, chicken and pasture raised pork from Terra Firma Farms just 5km away. Jodi has been in the Revelstoke local food scene for many years, working as a private backcountry chef as well as for the Revelstoke Local Food Initiative before opening the restaurant with owners Terra Park and Kevan McCroy. When she is not in the kitchen you can find her chasing her two young boys and husband around the local trails.

Growing a Farm-to-Table-Kitchen


Jodi will discuss the ups and downs of opening and operating a farm-to-table restaurant in Revelstoke, BC. Touching on menu planning and development, building a chef-farmer relationship, she will share how Terra Firma’s Kitchen brings their customers along for a delicious local ride. After 2 years of business, she will also present on what the future holds for the restaurant and its local food system.

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Growing a Farm to Table Kitchen

  • 4 October, 2022
  • 11:30am - 12:30pm
  • Main Hall - Columbia Valley Centre