Mandi Lunan

Food Business Coach


Mandi has worked with and advised food and beverage based businesses all over North America since 2016.  Her areas of expertise are: third party relationships and distribution, CFIA compliance, relationship building and networking, scaling your business, marketing, and mental health and boundaries for business owners.  She also advocates for the food community with a team of culinary expert activists at the federal level.
You may not recognize Mandi right away as she is a new-ish arrival in the Basin, arriving in September of 2020 attracted to the promise of a quieter life in the mountains close to nature.  She has since fallen in love with her community and created the successful “Kootenay Teen Chef Club” program with the Trail & District Chamber of Commerce and the Trail Farmers Market to spark interest in the culinary arts, agriculture, local food systems and culinary entrepreneurship in those 12-18 in Trail & District. 
In her spare time you can find Mandi taking hikes with the promise of snacks at the end, seeking out quiet beaches, watching RuPauls Drag Race, or reading a sci-fi novel.  
Mandi’s food interests include (but are certainly not limited to): dark beers and microbrews, cheese, savoury pastries, pickles, ferments and pizza.

Localization for Businesses in the Basin

Being a part of the food industry, we can’t go more than 30 seconds without hearing “Buy Local”.  But how is this best applied in the small business world?
Join Mandi Lunan Food Business Coach for this lively and informative session where she’ll lay out how “Buy Local” is so much more than feel goodery marketing- it’s a logical and even fiscally beneficial business decision.

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Localization for Businesses in the Basin

  • 4 October, 2022
  • 10:00am - 11:30am
  • Main Hall - Columbia Valley Centre