Julia Smith

Executive Director and Project Manager of the Small-Scale Meat Producers Association


Julia is the Executive Director and Project Manager of the Small-Scale Meat Producers Association. She is a founding member and served as president for the first 4 years before moving into her current role. She started off as an urban vegetable farmer but things quickly got out of control after she took at Permaculture Design Course while attending UBC. Before she knew it, she and her partner were raising hogs in South Burnaby and had a butcher shop in Vancouver. They moved to the Nicola Valley in order to expand their farming operation where they now live off-grid raising critically endangered Red Wattle hogs and beef cattle. Climate change and extreme weather events have recently moved her into an Emergency Management role with a local First Nation helping the community and local farmers and ranchers affected by wildfires, flooding and debris flows. In her spare time she is finishing up that degree that got sidelined by farming and is active on the local Search and Rescue team.

Meat of the Matter - Presentations and Roundtable for Basin Meat Producers

There’s a compounding number of challenges for meat producers across the BC.  With presentations from industry supports and representatives this session will open with a thorough synopsis of the industry and lead into conversation with meat producers from the Basin.  The dialogue will be facilitated by Julia Smith of the Small Scale Meat Producers Association and is open to all looking to learn and share ideas with the goal of finding opportunities for improvement within the industry. 
This session will be held in the Fire Hall. 

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Meat of the Matter - Presentations and roundtable discussion on meat production challenges/opportunities in the Columbia Basin.

  • 4 October, 2022
  • 10:00am - 11:30am
  • Fire Hall - Conference Room