Kate Mizenka

Elk Root Conservation Farm Society - Board Chair & Director of Farm, Orchard & Apiary


Kate Mizenka (LL.B, BA adv.)

Kate Mizenka is the creator of the Sustainable Apiary Model and designer of ERC’s Educational Demonstration Farm. She is an avid advocate of organic regenerative agriculture, pollinator wellness, and environmental education, conservation and restoration. Her passion for growing community and protecting our planet is woven into the fabric of all we do here at Elk Root Conservation. She is the creative mind behind ERC’s organic regenerative agriculture research and innovation striving towards a world where agricultural practices go hand-in-hand with environmental conservation. In 2023, Kate was awarded the Suzy Hamilton Legacy Fund Award in recognition of her contributions as a female-identified environmental activist in the West Kootenay. Kate is not only a retired lawyer, entrepreneur and multinational business advisor, she is an expert educator, beekeeper, and ‘beyond’ organic regenerative grower and sought-after speaker. She has shared her knowledge and insights across the country. Kate volunteers her time to Elk Root Conservation while she continues to live with traumatic brain injury, spinal degeneration and chronic pain. Her ability to lead through adversity, her empathy towards vulnerable community members, and her ‘outside-the-box’ approaches to making ERC accessible and welcoming to all our diverse community members, is truly an inspiration to all who experience the Elk Root magic.